Grow your community with your own engagement platform

Swarmio’s community engagement and gamification platform helps you give your community their own hub to gather around. Consolidate your fans or users in one central platform, fully white-labeled to reflect your brand and your values, helping you grow and monetize your community.

A home-base for your community.

Swarmio helps you turn your community into users, where they can create accounts, earn points, play in engagement activities such as tournaments and challenges, and form a deeper connection with your brand.
Looking to run events for your community? Want to have all of your influencer content in one place? How about your own Minecraft servers just for your content creators and users? You can now do all of that and more.
With your own branded platform, you can transform your business into one that truly puts it’s fans at the core.

Monetization, solved.

Swarmio gives you all the tools you need to grow, engage and in turn monetize your community, either directly from subscriptions, or through increased sponsorships.
You now have everything you need to run a premium experience for your members, from exclusive content, to custom tournaments and challenges, and premium rewards.
Monetize your superfans through subscriptions where they gain access to exclusive experiences and an elevated connection with your brand.
Drive additional value to your sponsors through additional activation mechanisms. Whether it’s awarding points for custom sponsor conversions, sponsor specific tournaments, or giving your sponsors deep analytics from users instead of Facebook fans, you can level up your sponsorship game.