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How our patented Latency-optimized Edge Computing tech solves an age-old problem for online gamers

Bad lag, high ping, frustrating losses while playing? We have a solve for that:

The history and rapid evolution of internet technology has shifted and morphed a hundred times in the past few decades. Each iteration has had a significant impact on online/multi-player gaming culture and experience.

Today, gamers expect immediate real-time responses in their online games and any interruption of that means a grossly unfavourable playing experience. For some, that means slow and choppy performance. For others, it could mean an unfair loss in a career-making competitive match.

Swarmio’s patented Latency-optimized Edge Computing (LEC) technology presents a solution.

When two players meet in an online game or matchup (server) they come from different parts of the world. Historically, that meant whoever was closest to the server, had a significant advantage (faster response or low latency/lag) and they would be able to act/react more quickly than their counterparts. Should a gamer be punished simply because they don’t live close to a major hub? We don’t think so.
Gamers need a performance solution to equalize the playing field when matched with other gamers, no matter how far apart they are or what level of gaming technology they enjoy. They don’t want to suffer for not living in a major centre with close server access.

We created a vast mesh – a global network to process user connections and send them into the playing field side-by-side so that no gamer is scrutinized or has a lesser experience for where they live. Think of it as a corral that collects all players, offers them the same low latency (ping) throughfare and then equalizes the field. The only variable at play should be their skill in the game – end of story.

THAT’S Swarmio’s LEC technology at work and our gamers worldwide love it.

For more information on Swarmio’s community gaming and esports platform, please contact our IR/PR team!