Gaming and esports platform for telecom operators

Swarmio’s turnkey gaming and esports platform helps telecom operators capture, engage and monetize millennial and digital natives with community building and gaming engagement tools. Offer a complete package for your gaming subscribers that takes their gameplay to the next level, delivering a better experience across their gamer lifestyle.

Integrate your brand into the gamer lifestyle

Gaming is a life-long activity. Capture ‘lifelong gamers’ by offering special internet or mobile packages via a gaming & esports portal, combined with an exclusive membership loyalty program. Deliver the ultimate experience for gamers that cater to all aspects of their lifestyle - be it playing, watching, sharing or being rewarded. All this is now under your control using Swarmio’s gamer engagement tools from gaming challenges and esports tournaments, to live streaming and much more.
Increase revenue, loyalty and engagement through premium gaming packages, unique gaming content, gamer loyalty points, and exclusive gamified rewards. Through a native esports platform, upsell and cross-sell to the engaged gamers, driving greater ARPU and reducing churn.

Telco-grade service, 
fully managed for you

Swarmio provides a turn-key solution, where all gaming and esports operations are fully managed for you.
As seasoned veterans in the telecom space, Swarmio delivers the gaming solution for you to your subscribers, combined with ITIL and ITSM methodologies to support you and your team.
Our gaming and esports team works with you to design, implement and manage the end to end operations of the platform, taking the gaming learning curve out of your hands. Everything from event design and administration, influencer management, community management, to gamer-centric support, Swarmio ensures that operations are not only stress-free for your team, but also perfect for your gamers.